Dance Date: 7 Oct 2023 Info: Resource shortage Decision: Dark

What if we need to go DARK because of nasty weather or bad road conditions?

What if we need to go DARK because it’s too hot?

This is the page to look for.

Our Calendar page will tell you about the dances, the special dances, and the dates we plan to be DARK, but this page will tell you about the un-planned dance cancelations.

We do have policies in place for these contingencies. They are:

1.   When it’s expected to be above 90 degrees on the dance date, the dance will be cancelled.

2.   When the roads are expected to be icy, or a significant snowstorm is forecast for the dance date, the dance will be cancelled.

Now, in calling off a scheduled dance, we need to make the decision far enough in advance to post it on this page, and for you to see it, before it’s too late for you to make alternate plans. That means we post the decision on the Friday before the (Saturday) dance. This in turn means we have to rely on the weather forecast in order to help us make the decision. Since the weather forecast is a service of the government, we will be wrong some of the time. Guaranteed. We will apologize in advance, and afterwards, for our wrong decisions, but not for the inaccuracy of the weather service.

Email Cancellation Notifications

We will notify all M&M members via anonymous email whenever an unexpected dance cancellation becomes necessary.

Even if you’re not an M&M member, you can request your email address be added to the anonymous address list.

Click Here to ask the webmaster to add your address to the “Cancellations” address list.

Thank you!